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Serendipityremix was established in 2016 and offers various property services to clients throughout Africa. We are a dynamic business that focuses on the needs of our clients.



Our services include:

  • Building Condition Assessment;

  • Due Diligence;

  • Facilities Management;

  • Feasibility Studies;

  • Lease Audits;

  • Occupier Services;

  • Portfolio Analysis;

  • Project Management;

  • Research

  • Specialised roof inspections;

  • Transaction Management; and

  • Valuations


  • We are committed to quality;

  • Integrity is paramount, and we stick to our values;

  • We assist you in solving your property problems;

  • We have a fast response to our clients' requests;

  • Our reports are precise and comprehensive;

  • We do not accept any assignment we are not entirely comfortable with and know we can deliver on;

  • We operate in a research-driven environment;

  • Our team is focused and the customer comes first;

  • We apply out of the box approaches to our research methodology; and

  • We are fun to work with and love what we do.


Sanett Uys

Managing Director